Frequently asked questions

How do I go about joining the team?

If there is a specific game you're interested in, reach out to the team manager, and they will respond if there are any tryouts taking place or postions available. If it's a new game that we don't currently compete in, then send your individual/team Esports CV over to kaosesports@mail.com and we will contact you. Please think about your approach and CV; just messaging us with "can i join?" is going to be automatically ignored, as we see this as unproffesional.

Can I apply for a management position?

Yes! You can apply, however these postions usually will fall to someone who has been around the team for a while and worked their way up, or proven they are what the brand needs moving forward. You can apply in the contact section below or send an email over to kaosesports@mail.com stating the position you are interested in and why you think you'd be a great candidate for that role, also including any previous experience you've had.

Does KaoS collab with other YouTubers?

We haven't really done any collaborations as of yet, but we are open to the idea should the right opportunity arise.

Are you looking for partners/sponsors?

As any other brand we're open to new partners/sponsors, but we like it to work both ways, we are not interested in affiliate programs of pushing sales for discount codes unless its KaoS related merchandise or apparel. Please take this into consideration before reaching out to us. If you have a proposal of working together either as a partner or sponsor, then contact us below or send an email to kaosesports@mail.com and we'll see where it goes from there.

How can I become a streamer for KaoS?

For streamers, you have multiple options:

Option 1 - contact us via Twitter direct message.
Option 2 - join the KaoS Discord server (which you can find via the bottom left of this page) and reach out to the management team. This will get the quickest response.
Option 3 - send an email to kaosesports@mail.com. Please include your social links and tell us a bit about yourself, like favourite games, games you stream etc and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Does KaoS consider picking up teams/players outside of the UK?

Yes we do accept teams or players outside of the United Kingdom, providing the timezone is not too far apart to the point we couldn't communicate. The teams/players must also speak English to a reasonable degree to allow us to communicate as our mamagement team only speaks English.